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Development Rules

There are numerous local, State and Federal government requirements and industry standards which must be met when undertaking building and development and there are three avenues for pursuing these works lawfully:

Development types
  • Exempt Development – development work which does not require Council approval
  • Complying Development – works that comply with local and state government development standards. These are approved through the issuing of Complying Development Certificates
  • Development Applications – works which require submission of a development application request to Hurstville City Council for development approval, including home building and renovation, land subdivision and building-use alteration.
Development rules

When determining which category of development applies to your proposed work, key development rules must be considered.

Development rules are hierarchical, starting with legislation and then stepping down to various types of plans, codes, policies and guidelines.

At the highest level, acts and regulations are enacted by State and Federal governments. This legislation gives other rules legal effect.  The Building Code of Australia, for instance is enacted under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

In NSW, state government instruments including state environmental planning policies and regional environmental plans contain standards to guide building and development. 

At the next level, Council prepares, exhibits and adopts, through a legal process, local environmental plans, contribution plans, development control plans and other policies, guidelines and codes.

Council is currently reviewing Hurstville Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 1994, and the Hurstville LEP 2012, which applies to all land in Hurstville (except the Hurstville City Centre) was made by the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure and took effect from Friday 7 December 2012.

Council is also reviewing its Section 94 Contribution Plans and Hurstville City Centre development controls. 

Hurstville City property owners and residents are encouraged to take an active interest in the creation of these development rules. 


More information

To find out more about the rules affecting building and development in Hurstville City, see:

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If you have specific questions about development rules, please telephone Council’s Planning and Development Duty Planner on 9330 6278 or click Contact Us to find out how to contact Council.

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