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Community Strategic Plan (Delivery Program and Quarterly Reviews)

Renewal of the Community Strategic Plan

Hurstville City Council is working to achieve the aspirations of the Hurstville community. Your ideas were articulated in the Community Strategic Plan 2021 and Council has been working with you to realise these aspirations over the past four years. It’s now time to review and revise this important document to ensure we continue to reflect the needs of our changing Hurstville community.

You are now invited to give your feedback on the issues and priorities that concern you now and in the future. You can participate by:

  1. Viewing our progress report in English/Simplified Chinese/Arabic/Greek - A summary of how Council has achieved the objectives of the Community Strategic Plan. Or viewing our Annual Report – a detailed report on Council’s performance.

  2. Completing the online survey – to share your priorities and help shape the next ten years for Hurstville and our diverse communities. The survey closes on 19 December 2014.


Delivery Program and Operational Plan

The Delivery Program 2014-18 and Operational Plan 2014-2015 has been developed from the Issues, Actions and Performance Indicators developed in the Community Strategic Plan 2021 and progress made against the previous Delivery Programs and Operational Plans to 2013-14.

The 2014-18 Delivery Program covers all of the actions and strategies planned within the next 4 years under the Community Strategic Plan. The Operational Plan 2014-2015 covers those actions and strategies from the 4 Year Delivery Program which are to commence or progress in 2014-2015.

Reading the full document provides an insight into how Council is planning forward (4-Year Delivery), how Council can demonstrate achievement (Performance Measures) and what actions will occur (Operational Plan 2014-2015).

Delivery Program 2014-2018 and Operational Plan 2014-2015

pdf icon  Adopted 2014-18 Delivery Program (7.17MB)

Delivery Program 2014-18 was adopted at the Extraordinary Council Meeting of 28 May 2014.

Quarterly Progress Report 2014/15

Delivery Program 2013-2017 and Operational Plan 2013-2014

pdf icon Section 1-6 - Delivery Program 2013-17 (3.43MB)
pdf icon Section 7 Parts 1-3 - Delivery Program 2013-17 (9.90MB)
pdf icon Section 7 Part 4 - Delivery Program 2013-17 (3.10MB)
pdf icon Appendix A - Long Term Financial Plan - Delivery Program 2013-17 (2.36MB)
pdf icon Appendix B - Strategic Asset Management Plan - Delivery Program 2013-17 (2.05MB)
pdf icon Appendix C - Workforce Planning - Delivery Program 2013-17 (3.26MB)

Delivery Program 2013-17 was adopted at the Extraordinary Council Meeting of 29 May 2013.

Quarterly Progress Report 2013/14

Delivery Program 2012-2016 and Operational Plan 2012-2013

pdf icon Delivery Program 2012-2016 and Operational Plan 2012-2013 (10.64MB)
This document was adopted at the Extraordinary Council Meeting of 30 May 2012.

Quarterly Progress Report 2012/13

Community Strategic Plan 2021

Council adopted the Hurstville Community Strategic Plan 2021 at its meeting on 22 June 2011 and it comes into effect from 1 July 2011. Council looks forward to working with the community, businesses, State & Federal Government and other organisations to deliver our aspirations for Hurstville Local Government Area.

pdf icon Community Strategic Plan (5.06MB)
pdf icon Appendix A Long Term Financial Plan (1.80MB)
pdf icon Appendix B Strategic Asset Management Plan (2.00MB)
pdf icon Appendix C Workforce Plan (1.31MB)

Previous Plans

Management Plan - Management Plans and Quarterly Reports before June 2012 
Hurstville Horizons - Hurstville City Council's strategic plan for the future
Hurstville Snapshot - Presents a picture of our City

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